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LASIK Alternatives

LASIK Alternatives in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, St. Johns and Surrounding Areas

LASIK is the most common form of vision correction, but based on your personal needs another vision correction option may be better for your personal vision needs.  Below are other vision correction options offered at our Jacksonville, St. Augustine and St. Johns locations:


PRK is similar to LASIK as it uses the same excimer laser to correct the curvature of the cornea and provide clear vision.  The difference is that, with PRK, a corneal flap is not created.

This vision correction procedure is generally performed on those with thin corneas or those who have had other eye surgeries in the past.  The recovery time is longer than with LASIK as the cornea needs to naturally heal, but the vision correction results are the same as LASIK.

The Visian ICL™

The Visian ICL Logo and Lens

The Visian ICL is another vision correction procedure much different than LASIK and PRK. ICL stands for an implantable Collamer lens. It is inserted into the eye in order to correct vision. This procedure is excellent for vision correction candidates with very thin corneas and those with “coke bottle” glasses for nearsightedness.

At Bowden Eye & Associates we are pleased to provide our patients with LASIK and other vision correction options to the residents of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, St. Johns and the surrounding areas. Request an appointment online today.

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