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The appearance of your skin and eyes changes a lot over the years. Aging, sun exposure, the environment, heredity, and your general health can all take their toll on your appearance. At Bowden Eye & Associates, Dr. Sarah Darbandi heads our Aesthetic Department and understands that for some, part of feeling good is looking good.

What services are offered?

Juvederm Filler
Plasma Pen

NuVissa: Plasma Pen

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SKIN TIGHTENING TECHNOLOGY is here! NuVissa is a lightweight hand-held Plasma device that delivers controlled energy to safely create multiple thermal injuries to the epidermis. These thermal injuries stimulate fibroblast and new collagen formation which results in a tightening of the tissue.

NuVissa is revolutionizing the art of providing natural beauty, all without the need for costly invasive surgery. The hand piece works by creating a plasma arc which transfers sufficient heat to the tissue to stimulate new collagen and fibroblast. Additionally, the heat causes contraction of the surrounding tissues and gives you an incredibly natural and youthful look

Discover a wide variety of treatments available including the upper and lower eyelids, crowfeet, the forehead, cheeks, and wrinkles around the mouth and even neck. 

Tackle trouble areas with our non-invasive solution:

Finally there’s an effective & affordable solution for non-surgical eye lifts available to everyone!

If you are interested in regaining your youthful glow, Bowden Eye & Associates has what you’re looking for. We offer a wide range of procedures to help you look and feel your best. Contact us today for more information.

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