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Patient Testimonials

AL9_0411-566x800Dr. Bowden- Cataract Surgery Patient

“I had cataract surgery performed at another local eye physician’s office that left the vision in right eye worse than before the surgery. Dr. Bowden corrected the previous surgery and returned my vision to near 20/20. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Dr. Bowden before considering other local doctors”.

-Helena- Jacksonville, Florida



Dr. Bowden- Cataract Surgery Patient

“My wife calls them my ‘bionic eyes’. They’re Trulign Lenses by Dr. Bowden that gave me 20/20 vision in both eyes. We did one eye and then five months later did the other eye. Now I don’t need to wear glasses anymore. Yes, there’s a regime of eye drops to nurture the good work, but I read a book a week! And watch lots of TV, and use my computer five hours a day, and I drive my car day and night. Actually, I had to get a new driver’s license to take away the provisions that said I needed to wear glasses. Not bad for an 85 year old, don’t you think? THANK YOU to Dr. Bowden and all your staff for such competent and caring attention at all times.”   

- Richard- Jacksonville, Florida

Dr. Bowden- Dry Eye Patient

“I was just in to see Dr. Bowden for my dry eyes. I have struggled for years with using drops all day every day. Now I use my drops less and my eyes are so much more comfortable. This place has some of the nicest people I have every met.”

-Jane- Orange Park, Florida

Dr. Bowden- Dry Eye Patient

“Having the Lipiflow and Meibomian probe procedures have significantly enhanced my quality of vision. In March 2013, in preparation for cataract surgery, Dr. Bowden discovered that only four meibomian glands were functioning in my left eye. Dr. Bowden performed both procedures prior to cataract surgery and my vision was much clearer and brighter even before the cataract surgery. I am pleased to say that I am now driving at night without any discomfort. I would highly recommend anyone experiencing dry eye conditions to consider having these procedures. I am very grateful for Dr. Bowden and his entire staff. They are outstanding.”

-Sharon, Lawtey, Florida

AL9_0359 (534x800)Dr. Lima- Macular Degeneration Patient

“I have had to get injections in my eye for awhile now. I recently started seeing Dr. Lima and am thankful I did. He makes my injections painless. Getting injections, as you can imagine are no fun, so to find a doctor that can take the pain and discomfort out of the process makes me forever grateful.”

-John, Brunswick, GA



AL9_0222 (534x800)Dr. Darbandi- Aesthetics Patient

“I saw Dr. Darbandi for Laser Vein Removal. She told me beforehand what to expect and made sure all my questions were answered. I have had this ugly vein in my leg for over 10 years and have been so embarrassed over it. The day of my procedure the vein was almost completely gone!! It takes a few days/weeks to see complete results and I can’t wait! Next I want Laser Hair Removal by Dr. Darbandi. Highly recommend her treatments!”

-Bri, Jacksonville, Florida



AL9_0334 (534x800)Dr. Robben- Contact Lens Patient

“I went to see Dr. Robben to give wearing contacts another try. I have not been able to tolerate them in the past. His office staff were very knowledgeable and comforting during the entire process. Dr. Robben found a contact lens that I have been able to tolerate! I am so thankful to not have to rely only my glasses all summer. I also thought it was amazing that he spends time to teach student doctors the professionalism that he has, they too made my visit enjoyable There’s no doubt that they will continue on to be great doctors as well.”  -Paul R., Jacksonville, Florida


AL9_0298 (534x800)Dr. Sudduth- Annual Eye Exam Patient

Dr. Sudduth took the time to talk me through my annual eye exam and explain things thoroughly. His bedside manner was fantastic and I will be returning to him in the future.

-Lisa, Mandarin, Florida





ALP_34641 (452x640)Dr. Krzyanowski- Glaucoma Patient

“I see Dr.K to monitor my glaucoma. She takes the time to discuss everything in a way that I level with a better understanding then I came in with. She stresses the importance of monitoring my glaucoma and what could happen if I don’t. Since glaucoma runs in my family, I am now bringing in my kids for exams as well. We love Dr. K!”

-Marla, Fleming Island, Florida



AL9_0343 (513x800)Robert Cabrera, Hearing Specialist


“Bowden Eye couldn’t have a better hearing specialist to come see. I already go to Bowden Eye for my vision exams. My mother was having a hard time hearing us and we noticed her TV was always turned up so high. She continued to deny the need for a hearing aid. I finally got her to agree to come see Robert at the Mandarin office which is close to her house and he was so kind and gentle with the topic of hearing loss. She did need a hearing aid and it’s so small you can barely see it. She continues to see Robert for hearing aid repairs or if she has concerns when it comes to her hearing. Robert has been a blessing to our family.”

-Ken, St. Augustine, Florida


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