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Botox, Laser Vein & Hair Removal

In a private, personal consultation with our Physicians, we will talk with you about how you can reduce lines, wrinkles and eliminate sagging facial skin, as well as puffiness under the eyes. We will address your expectations realistically and provide you with a variety of treatment options, many of which are non-surgical and require little or no downtime.


BotoxSmooth away crow’s feet, laugh lines, and furrowed brows. Botox is FDA approved and is injected in the same places, using a small, very fine needle that causes little discomfort. Botox reduces muscle activity to smooth the skin and get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The effects last for approximately three to four months.

Botox injections does not require any downtime, causes minimal discomfort, and is done in just a few minutes in the office. Because each patient is different and needs to be evaluated individually, it’s best to schedule a consult and allow time with Dr. Darbandi and Dr. Bowden to determine what would be most effective for you.

Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is an easy, fast, and effective way to treat superficial veins. Laser therapy has been used in the medicine field for more than 30 years. We offer the next generation state of the art Lumenis ND-YAG laser for treatment. There is little discomfort and no downtime required. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Darbandi to review if the Lumenis Laser Vein Removal is for you. Pricing will be discussed during consultation.

Laser Hair Removal

laser-hair-removalLaser hair removal is performed in the Aesthetic Center at our Mandarin office. Depending upon the extent of the treatment area, treatment time range from 15 minutes up to an hour. Please keep in mind that multiple sessions may be necessary.

During the procedure, a laser will dispense a fine intense beam of heated light that removes the hair follicles, but preserves the skin in the surrounding area. Unlike electrolysis, which requires the removal of each hair follicle, the laser scans a wide area of the body.

Patients return home immediately following the treatment. Normal activities can be resumed immediately; however, exercise, Jacuzzi use, and sun tanning are not permitted immediately after the procedure. Patients are often advised to gently cleanse the treated area with a mild soap.

The number of sessions varies depending on individual characteristics and which area we are treating. Additional sessions should not begin until hair has time to regenerate under the skin, which generally takes up to 6-10 weeks.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Darbandi to form a treatment plan specifically for your needs.


What is the very first thing you notice on a person? Their skin! This is why it’s so important to take care of it. Most people, especially Floridians, overlook one of the biggest benefits available for their skin; a professional facial by a licensed Aesthetician. People typically wait until they encounter a problem before they get serious about skin care, but there are tons of reasons to receive a facial other than just having something like an acne flare. Facials are done in our Aesthetic Center located in our Mandarin office.

Deep Cleansing (60 mins) — 85

Designed for acne prone skin. This treatment puts an emphasis on extractions as well as using different salicylic treatments.

Anti-Inflammatory (60 mins) — 85

Provides mild exfoliation and a soothing specialty mask to help redness, inflammation, and discomfort. All the while strengthening the skin’s barrier function in order to restore hydration and suppleness.

Tranquility Facial (60 mins) — 85

This facial is designed to help place your body in a deep state of harmony. This luxurious treatment uses Marma-Point techniques and essential oils that will awaken your senses, with special massage emphasis on your hands and feet incorporated in the facial treatment.

European Facial (60 mins) — 95

The décolleté is a fragile and important part of your skin. This European influenced facial was created to address the special needs of the décolleté throughout the entire facial treatment.

Ultimate Men’s Facial (60 mins) — 85

The Men’s facial utilizes a Clarisonic brush and steam exfoliation to refresh the skin. A mask which helps to sooth razor burn will be incorporated, followed by a hydrating serum.

Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion Facial (75 mins) — 125

This non-chemical treatment is an advanced form of exfoliation used to speed up CRF (cell renewal factor) and increase blood circulation.

Diamond Dermabrasion Singe Treatment (30 mins) — 75

Includes facial cleanse, dermabrasion treatment, and soothing hydration. Perfect if you’re on the go or if you’re doing a series of microdermabrasion treatments.

Relaxing Back Facial (60 mins) — 140

A calming treatment that deeply cleanses and balances to help normalize sensitive areas while improving the back’s overall appearance.

Add on Treatment to Any Facial:

Dr. Bowden offers patients a variety of aesthetic treatments in addition to eye care in Jacksonville. Help combat signs of aging with Botox, laser hair removal, laser vein removal and facial treatments—contact the physicians at Bowden Eye & Associates today.


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